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Hey guys, for the note – this blog is run by casino manager (ME – I run one of United Kingdom focused online casinos), so everything what you’ll find here is confidential. Seriously, don’t copy paste into other forums, because most probably it will lead to instant ban there, better way to spread the word is to guide your friends, relatives and your grandma  to this blog (believe me, all grandmas are gamblers and by gamblers I mean hardcore gamblers. I can assure you, even that “iPhone” which she gave you as a present during last Christmas is bought from money she won playing “Starburst”). Another thing is that I am not native speaker so please ignore all possible grammar mistakes and shit in general I write, deal? Deal!

I started my career as online casino manager approximately 3 years ago and oh boy it was a ride. All that mythical stuff like RTP, Free spins, deposit and no deposit bonuses, wagering requirement,  slots (for the first 2 weeks I giggled each time I heard this word), NETENT, NYX, Microgamming were in general like mumbling, but now I “cracked the code” and decided to share with you a bit of inside info. Here you will find daily selection of the best (my personal opinion and please don’t argue, I know good stuff in this market) deposit and no deposit bonuses in various casinos, best starter packs, free spins campaigns, slots to be aware, slots to play, live casino hacks and etc. Also you will get certain advices how to deal with casino customer support and how to be that beloved player instead of that “asshole is demanding bonuses once again, what to do? Tell him to fuck off!” – real deal, this stuff happens daily.

Don’t skip the rules how to be the “beloved player” – other tab in the menu

Let’s ride!

P.s. Please stop googling “How to win in an online casino” and similar stuff, because it’s a hoax, seriously, bull crap. There are no rules or certain path to follow. You just can be a bit more lucky than others.